I CAN! Girls Virtual Self-Esteem Program
October 30 – 10 am-2 pm (PST)


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  • Join color and stylist expert Alise to learn about the 4 Seasons- we are each born with one, and how to match colors that will compliment your personal style. Learn about how colors affect mood and which colors lift your mood!
  • This workshop explores themes of personal identity, the notion of apology, and the power of breaking through your fears. Through the use of poetic devices and writing tools, students address the question "what does freedom and self-love look like?" Together, we engage in a healthy dialogue of what it means to be "yourself," and write a poem that celebrates our most unapologetic selves.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with people you care about and create more connection. Become more confident expressing your feeling, needs, and opinions, setting boundaries, and standing up for yourself without being hurtful or pushy.
  • Self confidence building workshop using mirrors.
  • Our voice is one of our strongest tools for self-expression and is necessary for communication. Our communication can become more genuine and effective if we know not only who we are and what we want to say, but how to say it using our voice as the tool. The workshop will teach girls how to use their voices in a variety of ways to put them in control of their own voices.
  • In this workshop we will raise the vibration by looking at and expressing what we appreciate and love about ourselves and others.
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    • There is zero tolerance for discrimination, bullying or any type of harassment such as emotional or sexual harassment, hate speech or rude behavior of any type.
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    • Please show respect, tolerance, understanding, and compassion to others’ differences, cultures, beliefs and backgrounds.
    • Please plan to have your video on during the conference so all participants can be seen

    *If you encounter any of these intolerable behaviors, please report this immediately to the facilitators or virtual assistants.

    The Women’s Journey Foundation strives to provide a safe, encouraging and positive environment where girls can share their stories and feelings in order to inspire and empower them to reach for their dreams.

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