We’ve Expanded Our Outreach

The Women’s Journey Foundation has expanded its self-esteem program to the Boys and Girls Clubs in Southern California.  

This partnership has helped hundreds of at-risk, low income children build confidence, compassion and camaraderie.

Testimonials from the Boys and Girls Club

“The Women’s Journey Foundation (WJF) visited our Clinton Branch Boys & Girls Club and truly inspired all of our members and left both our members and staff with a life changing experience. Our members worked with the Women’s Journey Foundation team in an interactive activity that allowed the members to reflect on experiences that diminished their confidence and self-esteem. The WJF was able to allow the members to reflect and get insight on how to deal with any issues of bullying, confidence, and self-esteem.

Our members were able to talk about negative words that have been said to them and were asked to write the words or phrases on a balloon. At the end of the activity after they were given support and had greater confidence to move forward from these negative experiences they let go of them by popping that balloon and assuring themselves that they were not those words. I cannot thank the WJF enough for their enthusiasm and eagerness to work with our members through their inspiring program.”

–Elizabeth Sandoval Boys and Girls Club Branch Director

“The members loved the workshop. At first the kids were joking around, probably embarrassed to talk seriously about their true feelings, but once they went around the circle and everyone opened up they enjoyed themselves. It was great to see all of the kids break down their walls and speak honestly with one another. Thank you for the experience.”

Brian Darker
Brian Darker | Club Director, Edgar Branch

“Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove serves more than 6,500 kids each day from 24 months to 18 years of age. With 85% of the families living below the poverty level, we develop programs and services to ensure that every child who attends our Clubs has the chance to reach their full potential as productive, responsible, caring citizens. Building self esteem is an important part of how we develop good Character and Leadership among our members.

The Women’s Journey Foundation has been an incredible resource to our organization. In the past several months they have hosted self esteem clinics for boys & girls of all ages. Patty Turrell and her team find unique ways to connect with our youth through an interactive experience. Sharing feelings, identifying positive and negative labels and learning ways to deal with them in a productive manner is so important to a child’s mental development. We value our partnership with the Women’s Journey Foundation and by working together, we give our youth a chance to be kids and have fun while also exposing them to new and exciting opportunities and experiences that allow them to unlock their potential for a GREAT FUTURE.”

Rachelle Gillerman
Director of Resource Development & Marketing
Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove